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Our mission and our values demonstrate who we are and flow from what we believe.

Our Mission

“We exist to disciple and send our members for gospel mission to Newport News and the nations.”


We Exist to Disciple

We believe that every Christian is a disciple of Jesus. As a disciple of Jesus we are to follow and grow to be more like him. Ultimately, a disciple of Jesus is a disciple-maker of Jesus.

We Exist to Send

Disciples don’t just grow up in Jesus, they also go out on mission with Jesus. We are part of Jesus’ grand mission to save the world! We are convinced that a sending church is a multiplying church who will ultimately plant more churches.



To Newport News and the Nations

We are a church who sends every member out on mission. The worker to the office, the parent to the home, the student to the campus, the service member to the base, the church planter to the city, and the missionary to the nations. 

Here's What We Value as a Church

Our core values define who we are and determine what we do as a church.

We focus on Jesus

In our services, our Community Groups, and our lives as we live on mission, everything we do is all about Jesus! In every area, we remove distractions so we can focus on Jesus.

We connect with each other

Jesus has created us for connection in and through him! We meaningfully connect with each other as we gather, scatter, and serve on mission together.

We live like family

The gospel is a story of Jesus saving his family. As a family, we love, serve, and care for one another in all of life.

We pursue those around us

Jesus pursued after us and sends us out to pursue after our neighbors. We proactively meet people where they are to bring them to Jesus.

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